Small Suede Journal

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Pearl Grace Journal, handmade stationery gift

Handmade from the softest suede and dyed to create its delicate light green exterior these journals are classic and stylish.

Colour: Light Green

Size: A6

Pages: 80 plain cotton paper

Also available in the slightly large size A5

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Small Suede Journal

These journals are made using plain, recycled and acid-free cotton paper. The paper is smooth with a luxurious finish. The Kavita Suede Journal is a memorable and versatile gift. Suitable for all types of pens, oils and pastels.

Pearl Grace Journals, cotton paperWe’re raving about these Kavita Suede journals because acids-free paper is eco-friendly in so many ways. Acid-free paper is the result of eliminating the active acid pulp during the manufacturing process. Paper that has been alkalised will score a neutral PH level if emerged in water. Acid free paper also tends to be lignin and sulfate-free.

Other benefits include:
1. Alkaline paper has a life expectancy of between 500 and 1000 years depending on the grade.
2. Less corrosive chemicals are used in the making of alkaline paper which is good for the planet
3. Waste water and other byproducts of the paper-making process are often recycled
4. Energy is saved in the drying and refining process
5. Alkaline paper is easier to recycle, which is awesome for the environment

So, you can enjoy using the kavita suede journal for many reasons. You’ll be writing in style and making a positive difference to our planet at the same time – isn’t that amazing!

There are some interesting facts about the benefits to journaling that you can find out about here.

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