Platter/Cheese board

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Esha Mango wood platter
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Platter: Esha Mango Wood Platter

Made from sustainable mango wood this delightful platter is ultra stylish with a smooth and soft finish. Multi-functional they work wonderfully as cheese boards and are ideal for storing condiments and sauces for a table.

Colour: Natural Mango Wood

Size: 48cm length x 24cm width x 5cm height

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Platter: Esha Mango Wood Platter

We are so excited about our mango wood kitchenware. We’ve put together a variety of unique gifts from bowls and platters to chopping boards and candle sticks to give you several gift ideas to choose from. Mango wood is growing in popularity due to its soft manageable grain, which makes it a fantastic wood to work with. Producing mango wood products is friendly on the environment as well. The range available at Pearl Grace is only made from mango trees that have stopped bearing fruit and have stopped growing. Once a tree has been cut down a new one is planted in its place making this an eco-friendly and sustainable method of production as well.

We’ve put together a little summary detailing the benefits to mango wood products and a short video on the range to give you a chance to see the Esha mango wood platter and the other items in more detail – just hit the links below

Find out more about mango wood here and check out the video showing the range in more detail

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1 review for Platter/Cheese board

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ben, London

    This is an absolutely beautiful piece. I bought it to use as a cheese platter, but it is just too nice to keep in the cupboard so now it lives on the kitchen table as a kind of what not bowl. The grain and colour of the mango wood is deep and luxurious. The handles of the platter are tactile and chunky. A brilliant gift … but you’ll have trouble parting with it!

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