Lavender heart

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Pearl Grace, gift, homeware, accessory,

These are a delightful addition to any home. Custom cotton tape loop with engraved imitation pearl button and cross-stitched design.

Linen mix fabric

100% filled with grade 1 lavender

17W x 19H cm

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Lavender heart

Our lavender heart is a wonderful accessory to use in your home and will add a subtle touch of sweetness to any room. They can be hung in your bedroom, which may lead to a more restful slumber as research shows that the scent of lavender lowers the heart rate and blood pressure which puts you in a more relaxed state. accessories will make your home smell amazing. They are made in the UK. the designer has married English charm with French elegance wonderfully to create this beautiful gift.

Lavender is a remarkable and versatile herb. It can be used to improve ones health and well-being. It’s been known to help with insomnia, depression and anxiety. In some instances lavender oil has been used to treat hair loss and relieve headaches. Lavender products have been used to calm and soothe babies to sleep and help to treat colic. For more interesting facts about lavender the check out the post Lavender Heaven.

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