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Charu BasketAs the title suggests, this week we’re giving props to the wonderful world of jute and it’s amazing qualities.

Wanna learn some interesting facts about our jute bags? Then let me hear you shout, Jute me up, baby!”

Let’s dive right in.

Here at Pearl Grace we’re proud to showcase a couple of amazing jute products and today we’re shining the spotlight on our fair trade Charu baskets and our Bansi bags.

The jute fibres used to create our range derives from Rajasthan, which is home to a growing group of phenomenal weavers.

These artisans are passionate about weaving and are committed to preserving their special weaving heritage.

In celebration of their craft they adopt traditional techniques that have been passed down through their families for generations to skilfully hand weave these magnificent gifts.

The weavers spin the fibres into large coarse threads and masterfully weave them to ensure the basket and bags are strong and durable.

The thick sturdy handles ensure they are comfortable to use as well.

When it comes to manufacturing goods that are kind to the planet, jute is a fabulous choice.

It’s eco-friendly as it originates from natural rain fed vegetable fibres.

Jute doesn’t require many pesticides or fertiliser (if any at all) to grow and thrive, which is awesome news for our planet.

Plus it’s biodegradable and sustainable so if you were looking for a way to strut your stuff without harming the planet then you can relax safe in the knowledge that our jute bags and baskets tick all the right boxes.

Interested in how they can be used?

Well, they are extremely versatile.

They are large enough to use to store the wee ones toys or logs for the fire.

They are sturdy which makes them perfect for running errands like doing the grocery shop. Not to mention they beat using plastic carrier bags!

I love that they have been thoughtfully designed to ensure the base stands flat when full – that’s a clever touch.

Basically the production of these jute bags is quite simply an extraordinary story of culture, creativity, style and sustainability.

The video below explains in detail the benefits to using jute. From it’s eco and environmental benefits to the positive impact that jute production is having on the local population.

It’s a pretty in depth look at jute so check it out.

You can find out more about our bansi bags HERE and our charu baskets HERE, including our colour and size options to suit your personal needs and requirements.

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