Handwoven Cushions

Handwoven Cushions = Handwoven treasures

Handwoven cushions from GhanaI’m so in love with this range of cushions, its ridiculous!

Not only are they beautiful but the story behind their evolution is equally stunning.

These handwoven treasures are the love child born out of a special partnership between artisans in Ghana and Efie, an East London textile brand.

The cloth is handwoven by incredible women in the far northern part of Ghana.

Life in this region of the country can be tough. Many people live day to day, working hard to provide for themselves and their families.

The art of weaving in this part of the country is primarily a woman’s craft. It’s a delicate yet laborious task but the end result is quite sublime.

The cloth is exquisite and the effort that goes into making them is nothing short of remarkable.

And this is only half the story.

The fabric is then shipped over to East London where the wonderful task of completing the cushion is carried out.

It’s a delicate business. Requiring the talents of an exceptional seamstress to sew the front handwoven panel – freshly received efie stampfrom the lovely ladies in Ghana – and attach it to the iconic customised back panel made from fair-trade organic linen.

Complete with a luxurious down pad this international collaboration is a resounding success.

And here’s the sweetest bit of all – this ethical partnership between the ladies in Ghana and this fantastic company in London ensure that these women remain employed and self-sufficient.

These cushions are unapologetic. There’s an ever so slight coarseness to the fabric which enhances its depth and gives them a certain richness.

And their handmade nature makes each cushion unique and bespoke.

As a socially conscious brand, I am over the moon to showcase these cushions on Pearl Grace.

Wanna know more??

Well, according to the designer, Sarah, the Blue Lattice, her signature piece, was “the culmination of wanting to create a cushion that hinted at the story behind it’s creation. We wanted to bring the handmade and woven element to the forefront – that’s why you see the edging of the cloth and the front stitching.” She goes on to say, “We’re not hiding the fact it’s handmade.

And I LOVE that!

Check out the lattice HERE!

Some stripy treats…

The range that we feature on the Pearl Grace shop is heavily influenced by stripes and deep blues.

These qualities are indicative of the local attire worn in the region where the panels are woven.

Sarah, says, “We gave the stripes a bold, more simplified and contemporary slant.” And I love their vibrancy.

Check out the Fra Fra and the blue and yellow stripe variations HERE!


Massive love goes out to Efie and her amazing team in Ghana.  Keep shining bright.

And you do the same!

Till next time x

Title and content images courtesy of Efie

Check out this inspiring video about empowering African women HERE!

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