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pearl grace saleAs you know we have a beyond awesome sale happening right now.

That’s right, people, it’s going on right now!

If you didn’t already now, well now you know.

There’s no excuses to why you can’t get your hands on some incredible gifts that are kind to people and the planet… Oh and everything is available at insanely affordable prices.

With a whopping 30% off kitchenware, soft furnishing, bags and more, I’m practically giving this stuff away. I know, you might think I’ve gone crazy but I’ve not, I just love you so damn much!

We are selling out fast but you can still get your hands on a jute bag or basket. Both are made using traditional weaving techniques and sustainable natural fibres. The perfect accompaniment for your shopping trips and a stylish remedy for your storage needs.

Check out the selection here

A while back, I wrote a post about the benefits of journaling. If you’re looking to adopt a healthy habit into your routine this year then journaling is well worth considering. The health benefits are incredible.

Please take a few minutes to read the post here and discover the 7 key benefits to journaling

Go on, tell your neighbour, tell your friends, tell that person waiting in-line with you at Starbucks. They’ll love you for it.

Trust me this is hot gossip worth spreading.

Till next time,

All my love

Nat x


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